Heather Claire has opened a new site, COVENMAGICK dot com, to hide from her customers who she defrauded. She was moonsblessings and veritas fidelis spellcasting on eBay.

See pissed consumer posts about moonsblessings and spellcastings weebly to see almost 200 comments on Heather. The picture is of the real Heather from her Facebook page. She is not a 70 year old ex MIT professor but a stay at home mom. Lady Heather Claire AKA Heather and her husband Frank Agger Peavey of Standish Maine was thrown off eBay with over 60 negatives.

World_traveled_mysticals, priestess_corrinne and isis_charm_blessings are three ID's Heather has used on eBay, Bonanza and Etsy.

Lady Heather Claire Moonsblessings Heather Agger Peavey is a scam! She got booted from eBay for her feedback and bad business and kicked from Bonanza and Etsy too. She flat out steals pictures and listings from other sites.

All her blog posts on her site spellcastings weebly come from other sites. She is a plagiarist and a thief! DO NOT SEND HER MONEY! She is a fake spell caster and fraud.

She lives in Standish Maine and lies that she worked at eBay. Worked over eBay customers is more like it. She lies and says she is a retired professor from MIT but instead she is a fat stay at home mom who steals your money for fake wicca rituals. Her old eBay IDs were veritas-fidelis-spellcastings and moonsblessings.

Her fake coven is now called Northeast Lunar Coven at covenmagick dot com. All info is FAKE!

The 100% money back guarantee she gives is a lie. You will NEVER get a refund unless you file with Paypal within 45 days or do a credit card chargeback.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Heather Peavey stop posting nonsense comments to hide the truth about your frauds

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Wow! What a compelling argument.

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SCAM...Please people don't listen to her. I am a freelance wrtter and I have been offered to write BS like this but I refused. Shame on you for promoting fake Nigerian spell casters....


Anyone who believes in this garbage deserves to get ripped off.

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Tries to post lots of fake reviews and such to make herself credible and disrupt peoples grievences. We have conclusive evidence against Frank and Heather Peavey Standish Maine. Leaves a trail of angry people that have been scammed by them

Eglin Afb, Florida, United States #722913

filing a petition to send to the FTC, if she has stolen sign the petition and tell how much you have lost due to her actions

Eglin Afb, Florida, United States #722863

i totally agree, i have filed compliants with the FTC against her, i want my refund, i waited the 6months, and i sent a refund invoice from Paypal. She says she's real, but yet when your customers follow your refund policy you don't do it, you send out nasty emails, and talk like you have all the control, my husband is right a scam artist of the worse kind.

She owes me 500 and i'm going to send back you Djinn, you can bet on that and i'm going to send a bill to you to pay, you owe me!! there is no 90 for your items. just another way to keep my money.

I posted my own compliant on this site as well. she needs to be stopped!


See other enteries of pissed consumers about moonsblessings Heather and Frank they have stolen and hurt lots of people


Been trying to contact Frank and Heather Peavey who are behind this to put a stop to their thievery! Need more people to go to the authorities and warn others


Heather and Frank are absolutely Qadira Byrne and theLunarcoven, 100% no doubt. They might have a friend helping them with an ID to bypass site securities but I have seen proof that I can't and won't post here right now that proves this.

It's all being documented.

All it takes is comparing all the listings. Heather is moving back into websites, Bonanza and Etsy with new alternate ID's.


http://www.pissedconsumer.com/reviews-by-company/moonsblessings.html this has lots more complaints


Frank and Heather are selling as The Cosmic Guru Coven and were on eBay just recently as co5mic_guru. Their new website is magicspellswicca dot com.

Many of the spells are EXACTLY the same as on spellcasting weebly site Heather runs.

Near word for word. EBay listing format is similiar to what Heather used as Moonsblessings and Veritas Fidelis Spellcasting.

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